Visiting farms in Côte d’Ivoire, a once in a lifetime experience

Chris_CuelloIn October 2013, Mars Ambassador Chris Cuello, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Mars Chocolate North America, engaged in a once in a life time adventure. He traveled jointly with UTZ representatives Sirike Diakité and Herma Hulst to know how the cocoa farmers in Côte D’Ivoire live and experience life. From the urban capital of Abidjan to the bucolic valleys of Soubré, Chris gathered real testimonies from farmers that assure we can enjoy our favorite chocolate bars.

During this journey, Chris wrote a personal blog and shared that with us.
Mars, Incorporated is partnering with UTZ to develop better farming practices that will lead to a better future for cocoa farmers and their families. Mars has committed to sustainably sourcing cocoa, black tea, palm oil, fish and seafood products by 2020.

The Journey

mars cdo itinirary



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