Climate change and the bottom line

Recbetter careent research by the UK’s Carbon Trust shows that four out of five companies now believe that a changing climate and resource scarcity are likely to impact their bottom line. In fact, over half those surveyed felt that they would have to fundamentally change their products, services and business models to become environmentally sustainable.

Recognising the problem is just the first step however, and the research by the Carbon Trust shows that many companies are still struggling to take the right action. Despite the long term risks and opportunities presented by climate change, many businesses still adopt short term thinking. This is bad for the environment and also bad for business – 84% of companies have identified business opportunities from becoming more sustainable.

rooibos snipFortunately sustainable sourcing can play an important role in helping companies address climate risks in their supply chain. UTZ farmers are helped to adapt to the effects of climate change and to reduce their own environmental footprint – so by buying UTZ certified products, companies are supporting more climate friendly production. Not the whole solution to climate change but an important step in the right direction.

Read more about the Carbon Trust research herebetter care1

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