The top 5 reasons why sustainable coffee, tea and cocoa taste a lot better

Coffee, tea and cocoa are some of our favorite daily indulgences. Check out these top 5 reasons to go sustainable!

Scaling_up_sustainable_farming_0021) Know where the product comes from

In today’s globalized world you probably use products from several different continents before you even leave the house in the morning. You gulp down a cup of coffee from Brazil, put on a t-shirt made in Bangladesh, use a toothbrush made in China, eat a banana grown in Uganda. Who can keep track anymore?

More and more of us are starting to wonder about the complex supply chains for everyday products. How can we know where these products really come from, and how they were produced?

A sustainability label like UTZ Certified means you can be sure that the company or brand sourced coffee, cocoa or tea from a farm that operates sustainably with respect for people and the planet. That’s because there are rigorous systems behind the scenes to make sure sustainable products are truly linked to sustainable sources.

In fact, some companies even make it possible to trace the coffee or cocoa in a pack all the way back to a specific farm. You can see all the farms that produce UTZ certified products here.

2) Farmer and worker livelihoods

Cocoa_Ghana_dryingbeans8Research shows that being part of a sustainability program like UTZ Certified leads to better livelihoods for farmers and better conditions for workers. Through training in good agricultural practices farmers can increase the amount their farms produce, leading to a better income.

For example, a recent study in Cote D’Ivoire found that UTZ certified farmers produced almost 40% more cocoa than non-certified farmers. Another study showed that the incomes of UTZ certified coffee farmers in Colombia were 65% higher than they would have been without UTZ.

3) Climate change

6Everybody knows that climate change is a massive problem. But it’s not just about polar bears and rising sea levels. Crops like coffee need very specific conditions to thrive, and farmers around the world are struggling with erratic weather patterns. That means higher production costs and lower yields: bad news for farmers, and bad news for everyone who enjoys a good cup of coffee. What can be done about this? We’re working with farmers to find ways to adapt. Find out more here.

4) Environmental protection

Tea_India_Compost_001Many farmers are struggling to cope with climate change, but all too often agriculture also contributes to the problem, through deforestation or waste production.

When coffee, cocoa or tea comes from UTZ certified farms, you know it has been produced with respect for the environment – for example, the protection of primary forest and water sources, promotion of biodiversity, and restrictions on the types of fertilizers and pesticides that can be used.


5) Be part of something bigger

More and more companies all over the world are making commitments to sustainability. UTZ labeled products have now been sold in 135 countries, reassuring consumers that the coffee, tea or cocoa was sourced from sustainable origins.

What does that mean? A greater impact for farmers and workers all over the world. And that tastes a lot better!Top-5-2

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