Bon Jour! Bon Jour!!!

On a more uplifting note, I had another great day with a visit to a local village outside Soubre. This visit was unique because of some of the local customs of this village. While French is the official and prevailing language here, there are over 60 native languages spoken, and in some locations, such as the village we visited, French is not widely spoken. So, finally, I was not the only person in need of a translator!!!! Yeah!

Another unique aspect of this village was that it is their custom that the Chief does not speak directly to you, but rather to another village elder, who then speaks to you.  So, imagine, the Chief speaks to the elder, the elder to the translator, who then speaks to my French translator, who then translates to English. Are you following all this? If not, now you know how I feel!

Another really cool custom in this village is that they greet you twice! First when you arrive, many Bon Jours are exchanged, followed by “the news” and then they greet you again. Awesome!

Good bye!  Good bye!

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